The Embodied Life™ School

“The Embodied Life” is a transformative approach to human potential, developed by Russell and Linda Delman. All levels of human experience: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational are simultaneously explored.

Our programs are a harmonious blend of Zen-based meditation, the profound teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Compassionate Communication, Spatial Awareness, “Focusing”, and original Guided Inquiries. At the heart of it all is the art of being authentically present.

But why this focus on embodiment?

Embodiment acts as a doorway to the here and now. It’s a path that leads us beyond the confines of mere concepts, allowing us to touch the raw truth of the living moment. We refer to this deep knowing as “the wisdom body,” a realm where grounded-ness, spaciousness, gut feelings and heartful listening are more than mere metaphors. These visceral signals carry significance, and by deciphering the language of embodiment, we unlock profound meaning. From these “felt-senses” and intuitive nudges, we draw insight into what might be needed and wanted in our unfolding life.

Embodiment leads us “beyond embodiment” into the larger space, of connection to Essence, the source of Being. We don’t teach any ideology or belief system, rather, through your own experience, you get to know connectivity to what can be called “larger than self”.

Central to the Embodied Life™ are these practices:

  • Embodied Meditation: Through cultivating an atmosphere of openness, curiosity and kindness, you’ll learn the art of being present with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they unfold from moment to moment. Though indebted to our long study and practice of traditional Zen, our approach is less formal and, for many, more accessible.
  • Movement Experiments: Rooted in the Feldenkrais Method, our movement practices are carefully crafted lessons that reorganize body and mind, bringing awareness to ineffective habits, while uncovering more functional options. We’ve also curated standing gestures, spatial experiments, and other powerful movement journeys .
  • Guided Inquiry: Through deep listening, reflection and interactive learning, we explore more satisfying ways of being. These include practices called “Resource Growing” which grow the neural pathways of life-giving states based in your best teacher- your own positive, past experiences.


The following teachings have been very influential on The Embodied Life School: