Guided Conversations with Russell Delman

We invite you to participate in our enriching and transformative “Guided Conversations” with Russell Delman. These 30-minute sessions are a unique blend of deep listening and interactive awareness, designed to offer support, clarity, and direction as you explore your chosen subject.

Session Overview: These conversations are neither therapy nor coaching. They are a space where we uncover your inner wisdom, your “wisdom body,” through our interaction. Each session grows organically based on your intentions and interests. Although connected to practices such as “Focusing” and “Compassionate Communication,” these sessions are not bound to any specific form. Russell companions you with his presence, curiosity, caring and trust.

Most participants find value in engaging for two to ten sessions, though it is often sufficient to have just one meeting. Please note that ongoing, weekly consultations are not offered. Our commitment is to provide a safe and insightful space for exploration.

Contribution: The cost for these sessions is flexible, ranging from $50 to $125 USD or equivalent in Euros. We believe in making these conversations accessible; no one will be turned away due to financial constraints. We trust you to choose the amount commensurate with your life circumstance.

Registration: First you request a session and propose several days and times. We will email you to confirm one of your options.
Once it is scheduled payment is due.

We are excited to accompany you on this path of exploration and growth!