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The Embodied Life™ School

The Embodied Life™” is a transformative approach to human potential, developed by Russell and Linda Delman. All levels of human experience: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational are simultaneously explored. Our programs are a harmonious blend of Zen-based meditation, the profound teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, Compassionate Communication, Spatial Awareness, “Focusing”, and original Guided Inquiries. At the heart of it all is the art of being authentically present. Read more


In 1993, after years of practice, study, and teaching, Russell developed “The Embodied Life™,” an integrated learning program. This was influenced by his 50+ years of Zen meditation, training under Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and a close friendship with Gene Gendlin, creator of “Focusing.” After many years of guiding retreats and seminars, he created “The Embodied Life Mentorship Program” (ELMP), a three year immersion in this work.

Russell and his wife Linda, both Feldenkrais trainers, founded the Feldenkrais-India Project, introducing the method to India. Their work at Mother Teresa’s Mission in Calcutta involved training the “Sisters of Charity” to aid brain-injured children. This period also brought numerous private meetings with Mother Teresa. Read more


Russell Delman’s Embodied Life™ Newsletter goes back to 2011, and is a virtual treasure trove of spiritual and practical information. The wisdom in these writings will not only help the teachers and healers that Russell has taught, but anyone looking for a fresh perspective on how to live an Embodied Life™. Read more

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