Embodied Life Seminar “Embodiment and Beyond: Deepening into the Ground of Being”


Dates: Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd
Time: 10am – 5pm
LocationBerkeley Shambhala Center 2288 Fulton St, Ste 202 Berkeley, California
Tuition: $230 Other payment options
Local Contact: Yayoi Lewis yayoilewis@yahoo.com

Embodiment, means being grounded and at home in our bodies, in our relationships AND on the planet. These are essential for living both fully and harmoniously. Embodiment opens the door to the present moment in an integrated way.

Beyond Embodiment, implies an intimacy with nature, spirit, and spaciousness, while also connecting to the wisdom of the earth and the cosmos. Our physical body is too small for all that lives in and through us. Beyond embodiment opens us to a vast space of interconnectivity.

Ground of Being, when our thinking, feeling, moving, sensing and the outer world are in harmony, we deepen into the Ground of Being. This integrated grounded-ness invites the experience of intimacy between self and world.


Embodied Meditation will take us through the body to “beyond embodiment”, where we can sense who we are before our thoughts, self-images, stories, and inner dialogue. Sensing self as part of space is key.

Embodied Movement includes Feldenkrais lessons and other Embodied Practices. We will experience the ever-present support of the earth and an uplifting connection to the sky. These movements effect and harmonize our whole nervous system. Spatial Awareness, again, is a key element.

Embodied Inquiry will help us cultivate and access the neural networks of life-giving states. We learn how to be present with our own thoughts, feelings and memories in ways that promote a deep sense of wholeness.

Please join us for a deep, playful, expansive and restorative journey into the Ground of Being.