Embodied Life Eisenbuch Retreat


Dates: Wednesday October 16th to Sunday October 20th, 2024
Time: Arrive Wednesday after 15:00. Dinner 18:00 followed by evening program at 19:30. Program will conclude on Sunday after breakfast (starts at 8:05am).
Location: Eisenbuch Zen Center
The Center is located in the idyllic woodlands of upper Bavaria, not far from the Black Madonna of Altotting.
Tuition: is offered on a sliding scale (your choice) between €300 and €425, or $300 and $425. Use this form to pay the full amount in US Dollars. To pay sliding scale or in Euros, use Other tuition payment options. We ask that you pay a deposit of €100 to secure your space.
Lodging: Arrange and pay for your lodging

Join Russell and Linda for this annual retreat in Eisenbuch, Germany. Eisenbuch is a precious place for an Embodied Life Retreat. It’s intimate setting lends itself to deep inner work. It is a pleasure to return each autumn. Those in residence support our practices with with food to both energize and harmonize the body and mind. This is a Public Retreat, so all are invited to attend.

The Embodied Life explores: “Returning to Essence and the Ground of Being with Russell and Linda Delman”

“Who are you before your parents were born?” This illuminating Zen question, usually spoken as “Original Face”, opens an inquiry into a quality of Being before, within and beyond our usual self-identities. Can we both value and be free from our historic self-identities?

Returning to Essence: Points directly to knowing ourselves before our thoughts, feelings, stories and inner dialogue.Deeper than our cultural conditioning, this essence never goes away.

Ground of Being: When grounded in our bodies and sensing the support of the earth, we can open to the moment, “just as it is”. This ground of Being gives us great confidence for learning from our life challenges.

This Embodied Life stands on three legs:
1) Embodied Meditation – sitting and walking meditation,
2) Embodied Movement – Feldenkrais movements, Spatial Awareness and other original somatic practices,
3) Embodied Inquiry-Awareness explorations based in Focusing, Non-Violent Communication, life-giving memories and deep listening.