Embodied Life™ Teachers

The Embodied Life™

The Embodied Life™ refers to an integrated approach to human transformation developed by Russell Delman. Methodologically this work is grounded in three main practice areas:

  • Movement awareness based in the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais
  • Guided Inquiry based in Focusing as developed by Eugene Gendlin and Ann Weiser Cornell
  • Sitting/walking meditation based in the Zen tradition

Finding an Embodied Life™ Teacher

Teachers of The Embodied Life™ offer private sessions, classes and seminars. Some of the teachers offer all aspects of this approach and others specialize in certain practices. Russell Delman offers seminars, retreats and three-year mentorship programs internationally.

Click here for a list of European and non-U.S. Teachers

Click here for a list of Teachers in the United States

The Embodied Life™ School is dedicated to the evolution of consciousness, understood as the movement from fear to love, as our basic operating principle. Embodied Awareness offers "direct access" to the wisdom living in us and around us and is the foundation for honorable living in the world. This school is also committed to supporting human dignity whereby each human being and each human body is treated with deep respect.

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