October 25th to October 29th, 2023

Embodied Life Eisenbuch Retreat

Eisenbuch, Germany  (Eisenbuch Zen Center)

Russell and Linda Delman

Annual retreat at Eisenbuch Zen Center in Germany

Join Russell and Linda for this annual retreat in Eisenbuch, Germany. Eisenbuch is a precious place for an Embodied Life Retreat. It's intimate setting lends itself to deep inner work. It is a pleasure to return each autumn. Those in residence support our practices with with food to both energize and harmonize the body and mind. This is a Public Retreat, so all are invited to attend.

The Center is located in the idyllic woodlands of upper Bavaria, not far from the Black Madonna of Altotting. To learn more click (Eisenbuch Zen Center)

Location: Zen-Zentrum Eisenbuch

Address: Eisenbuch 7 Erlbach D84567

The cost is two fold:

Tuition is offered on a sliding scale (your choice) between Euro 300 and Euro 425 paid to Russell's German banking account. We ask that you pay a deposit of E100 to secure your space.

To register: click here.

Beginnings and Endings:

Arrive Wednesday after 15:00

Dinner 18:00 followed by evening program at 19:30

Program will conclude on Sunday after breakfast (starts at 8:05am)

Lodging: Please let our office know what your preferred lodging is, since we create the lodging map. office@russelldelman.com

Zenhouse have bath and toilette on the floor.

Single room E75 per night - E300 for 4 nights

Double room E65 per night - E260 for 4 nights

Multi bed room E55 per night - E220 for 4 nights

Seminarhouse have rooms with bath and toilette.

Single room E85 per night - E340 for 4 nights

Double room E70 per night - E280 for 4 nights

Multi bed room E55 per night - E220 for 4 nights

Other Costs:
Special diet E5 per day. Please let our office know of any special dietary needs in advance.

Linnens and towel E18

Due to the sharp increase in energy and food prices, Eisenbuch will charge an operating cost surcharge of E10 per day/person.

Payment to Eisenbuch:Eisenbuch requests that you transfer your housing/food fee in advance

Raiffeisenbank Reischach

IBAN DE 24 7016 9530 0000 858510


Covid Policy

Participation in a course is only possible under the following conditions: Participation is possible in compliance with the 3G+ rule. This means that all participants must bring a written negative rapid antigen test (citizen test) with them upon arrival, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, unvaccinated or recovered. Which must not be older than 24 hours. Masks may be worn for your own protection.

Confirmations: If you will need a confirmation after the course, please provide your name and address to office@russelldelman.com

For questions to Eisenbuch directly info@eisenbuch.de

The Embodied Life School™ is an integrated teaching developed by Russell and Linda Delman that is based in the Zen practice of "Just Sitting" (Shikantaza). This work stands on three legs: 1) Embodied Meditation based in Zen 2) Embodied Movement - based in the Feldenkrais Method and 3) Embodied Inquiry which includes various awareness practicies based in Focusing, Non-Violent Communication and deep listening.

"In all Embodied Life Retreats we work with three main forms: sitting and walking meditation, Feldenkrais movement lessons and Guided Inquires. The meditation is based in the Zen practice of "just sitting", the movement lessons are gentle, brilliant explorations of Awareness Through Movement, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, and Guided Inquiry which includes a variety of awareness practices based in the Focusing work of Eugene Gendlin. Please join me for a restorative week in this beautiful location."
      - Russell

Russell Delman began to study Zen meditation and somatic psychology in 1970 as undergraduate student in psychology. His training and personal relationship with Moshe Feldenkrais began in 1975, and he has since helped train more than 2500 Feldenkrais teachers all over the world. In recent years, Russell's close friendship with Eugene Gendlin ("Focusing") has strongly influenced his work. Other powerful influences include Non-Violent Communication and his work with Mother Theresa in India. Russell offers Seminars, Retreats and a three year mentorship program the The Embodied Life™ School.

Linda Evans Delman has been an international consultant and educator in the fields of Psychology, Conscious Movement, and Spirituality for over 30 years. She trained directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. She has been deeply influenced by Spacial™Dynamics, Eurythmy, Meditation, Prayer and Mother Nature. She joined the faculty of The Embodied Life School in 2015.

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